HOW Talk intact WORKS



1. Talk Intact automatically disables Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth protocols after call started, each time

the phone comes close to your ear. 


2.  You keep talking.


3.  Talk Intact enables protocols back automatically after the call is ended or each time when the  phone is moved away from your ear.




More details


•  You select the protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data and Data Sync (available in PRO version) that app should control. These protocols use the wide range of microwave frequency spectrum. 

By default all the protocols are selected.


•  Every time you make or answer a call and the phone comes close to your ear, 

the application automatically TURNS OFF the protocols that are under its control.


• Talk Intact can work in two modes:


Mode 1: 

The app turns off selected protocols each time the phone comes close to your ear. 

Then it turns protocols on back each time the phone is moved away from a head. In this mode your phone remains fully functional during a call. E.g. you can read emails, use messengers, surf the web while talking

(e.g. using speaker).

Only after you put phone back close to your head, Talk Intact turns off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data etc.


Mode 2: 

Talk Intact turns off selected protocols first time the phone comes close to your ear.

Then the app turns protocols on after the call ended. More battery power is saved in this mode.


• Talk Intact runs in the background mode. Regardless of your settings, the application will turn itself "on" upon the device’s restart.