What Talk intact is...



Talk Intact is an app which both reduces unnecessary phone radiation exposure and saves your battery power while you talk.

In addition it can save your money because you do not pay for mobile data while you talk.


Talk Intact is the only app that PROACTIVELY protects you from cell phone radiation.

App configuration settings

Service protocols area allows you to choose services that are controlled in order to reduce phone radiation and save the

battery power.

If the service is selected - Talk Intact will disable it after call started

when phone come close to the ear.

Then it will enable it back after call is ended or phone is moved away from a head.

If headset or microphone is used - no service is disabled. Talk Intact start disabling services only if the phone comes close to your ear. 

If service is not selected - Talk Intact ignores it.

Currently supported services are  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data

and Data Sync (available in PRO version).

In Enable services area you can choose when services

are enabled back.


The first option is to disable services when a call started and enable them each time when phone is moved away from the head.

This means that each time, during a call, when the phone comes close to the ear - selected services will be disabled. Each time that the phone 

is moved away from the head it will be reenabled back automatically.

Whith this option a phone is fully functional when it is not close to  your head. For example, you can read message, have a look on email etc. in the middle of a conversation.


The second option is also to disable services when a call started. Then the services are reenabled automatically only when a call ended. You can reach the better protection from phone radiation and better results in saving battery power. 

Notifications area defines how to notify you that Talk Intact disabled

or enabled services.

Enable shortcut in notification area option is the link

to Configuration screen.

Enable text notifications after the call option display Toast message each time protocols are reenabled.

Vibrate when enabling/disabling protocols options are self-descriptive.